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6 Kasım 2010 Cumartesi

Satılık bakır takoz yatay kontinü döküm hattı

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1. Subject
Horizontal continuous casting line for copper billets
A complete casting line for Cu-DHP billets dia. up to 300 mm, with quality suitable for manufacture of sanitary copper tubes to EN 1057

2. Main components of the line
· melting equipment with melting furnace and charging device
· casting equipment with holding furnace and withdrawing machine
· infrastructure with electrical supplying apparatus and water circuit

3 General data
3.1. Melting equipment
Type: 2-2-IR-Cu-6.0/1600 kW
Manufacturer: INDUGA Germany
Year of manufacture: 1995

The equipment consists of the following main components:
· melting furnace
- mechanical system
- electrical system
· supplementary equipment
- water re-cooling system
- automatic heat-maintaining system
- metal leakage and short-circuit control system
- condensers battery / power system
- temperature measurement and adjustment system
- temperature measuring device
- charging system

3.2. Casting equipment
Manufacturer: DEMAG TECHNICA Germany
Year of manufacture: 1995

The equipment consists of the following main components:
holding furnace with inductor
furnace cover with a burner
strand temperature measuring system
cooling water distribution
secondary cooling with water box and roller supports
roller supports
withdrawing machine with control system MCP "COMPUTOCAST"
disk saw
roller conveyor
outlet table
hydraulic systems
electrical control

4. Operating data

4.1. Melting equipment (manufacturer's data)
total capacity ca. 10,0 t
usable melt weight 6.0 t
melt temperature 1200 °C
melting rate at 1200 °C ca. 5,3 t/h
power consumption for melting at 1200 °C ca. 280 - 300 kW
power consumption for heat maintaining ca. 120 kW
power consumption of auxiliary drives ca. 10 kW
cooling water consumption (T = 25 °C, 5 - 6 bar) ca. 10,0 m3/h

4.2. Casting equipment
usable capacity 8 t Cu
melt weight 6 t Cu
number of strands 1
strand diameter max. 300 mm
cutting length 300 - 800 mm
casting speed (for Ø250) ca. 110 – 145 mm/min
casting capacity (for Ø250) 3000 - 4000 kg/h

5. Technical data

5.1. Melting equipment
furnace connected power 1850 kVA
furnace rated power 1600 kW (2 x 800 kW)
rated voltage 900 V
power factor 0.95
mains supply voltage 3-phase 10 kV, 50 Hz
auxiliary drives supply voltage 3-phase 380 V, 50 Hz
control voltage 220 V AC, 50 Hz

5.2. Casting equipment
furnace connected power 380 kVA
furnace rated power 250 kW
mains supply voltage 3-phase 400 V=/50 Hz
measuring device voltage 1-phase 230 V=/50 Hz
control voltage 24 V

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